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Waterslide Safety Tips

If you are hosting an outdoor event, you may be renting a waterslide. A waterslide is a great way to keep the kids cool during an outdoor event on a hot and humid FL. day.


However, when you rent one, you also want to ensure that kids are not only having fun, but staying safe as well. This is why you should implement a few waterslide safety tips. One of the tips you should implement is the number of kids that can slide at once. This varies based on the size of the slide you are renting. Another tip is to have the children sit on their bottom and slide down feet first, rather than sliding head first. Lastly, ensure the kids are not using the slide without adult supervision.


Do you want to learn more about renting a waterslide for your next event? Let Jumpin' Joy Party Rentals Of Tallahassee answer any questions you may have.

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