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Tallahassee's  Bounce House, Water Slide & Party Rental Shop



Your destination for bounce house, water slide, party and food equipment rentals in Tallahassee for your next party or event. We provide you with the best value in the area, easy online booking, multi-day discounts and service you deserve....All from a family owned & fully insured business.

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Bounce house rentals water slide rental in Tallahassee

Perfect for any party or backyard event.  From birthday parties or a family reunions, game day events or a neighborhood love these.

Water slide rentals in Tallahassee

From tame to insane.  All of these can be used with or without water.  Making them perfect for any season or event.


Combos are like having a bounce house and a wet or dry slide all in one.  Our most popular rentals!  Our Obstacle Courses are Great for Parties, Schools, Corporate Events &  Churches!

waterslide rental food equipment rental popcorn machine rental cotton candy machine rental in tallahassee

Whether it is a popcorn, cotton candy or even a snow cone machine....We have you covered.....And yes all of our units are rented with the supplies you need to make the tastiest treats for the party

Click any of the above categories to see our product selection, get more information or book online.


We all have rented a lot of bounce houses and water slides for birthday parties and family events.  We needed them on a budget but still wanted a clean and safe rental from a reputable company. Working in management for over 20 years we also had needed rentals acceptable for corporate events from a company that could provide insurance for the event.


We could never find a company that could do all of that.  If the price was great then the service or product was below expectations, usually dirty and none of them had insurance. 

If the company provided insurance then the service was pretty good but the price was unaffordable for our personal use and yet sometimes the rentals were still dirty.


Our company was created to provide all of the above benefits.  Whether you need a regular bounce house rental in Tallahassee for a birthday party or the biggest water slide rental available for your next family or corporate event, we will work with you to provide you the best value in the area and the service and safety we would expect for our own families.  We do this all while being fully insured and can even provide additional insured certificates if you need it.


We include delivery/setup within 15 miles of our Tallahassee shop in each price, offer great additional day discounted rates, have a clean guarantee and make renting easy via our online booking system.  If you would like to book on the phone or have questions please feel free to call or email us.  We are here to serve you and will work with you to ensure you have the best experience and value you can get.

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kids playing on bounce house rental water slide rental in tallahassee from


We are the best value in the area.  Transparent pricing that includes delivery and setup fees within 15 miles of our Tallahassee shop and we always offer multiple day rental discounts on all of our units.   It is so easy to book online.  Give it a try or contact us via email or phone.  We are here to serve you.

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Our rentals are always clean.  Our policy is to clean and sanitize each unit after every use and pressure wash on schedule or as needed which ever comes first.  We use nontoxic and biodegradable cleaners and all of our units are made from commercial materials that are lead free and meet or exceed all ASTM standards

Father & Son that are happy they rented a bounce house and water slide from in tallahassee


We are a fully insured & licensed company located in Tallahassee Florida.  We can provide additional insured certificates if needed for corporate, community, educational & other large events.  There are many vendors that rent products that are not insured.  We provide the safety & security some other vendors do not while still providing a great value.


What You Need To Know

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  • We offer 24/7 online booking for your convenience.  It is easy to do.  Just click a book now link, select your dates and then review what bounce house, water slide or food concession rentals are available and book.

  • We provide amazing discounts for multiple day rentals too that will automatically be calculated based on your dates.  At this time we only allow a maximum of 2 days per product on the website but if you need a longer rental please contact us we can discuss the details and discount.

  • If you would rather not use our online booking system you can also contact us  to make your bookings or to answer any questions you may have.


  • The site you chose will need to be large enough to safely deliver and operate the bounce house, water slide or party rental.  It should be reasonably level and be free of any gravel, rocks, sticks/limbs (a grassy surface is ideal.) .  We can also setup indoors as long as there is enough room to deliver and setup. 

  • There should not be any hazards above or near the bounce house, water slide or party rental such as tree branches or power lines that could come in contact with the bounce house, water slide or party rental or persons. 

  • It is also best to not water or mow your lawn a couple of days before your party to avoid clippings or excess dirt to enter the bounce house, water slide or party rental (or get on your guests.) This could also cause excess debris inside the seams of the bounce house, water slide or party rental and you may incur an additional cleaning charge.

  • All bounce houses, water slides or party rentals  have to be properly secured by us and have stakes up to 18".  We are not responsible for any damages to any underground cabling, piping or sprinkler systems. If in doubt dial 811 for assistance. 

  • If you plan to setup on a hard surface such as concrete or asphalt please let us know in advance so we can be prepared to cover the surface properly and secure the bounce house, water slide or party rental with sandbags or weights.  We do not charge for this additional service like many of our competitors do.

  • Most importantly for the safety of your guests we will require you to read and sign our rental agreement and waiver that will cover important rules and instructions for safe operation of the bounce house, water slide or party rental.  We will not setup the bounce house, water slide or party rental until this is completed.


  • We will provide the correct power cord but it is your responsibility to insure adequate  power is available within 50' of the inflatable bouce house, water slide or party rental. 

  • Most of our blowers will draw up to 10 Amps of power so plan for no more than 2 bounce house, water slide or other party rental per circuit breaker.

  • It is not recommended to power the bounce house, water slide or party rental  on the same circuit being used for food concession machines due to real possibility of overloading the circuit breaker.

  •  If you are renting wet/dry bounce house, water slide or other wet party rental and wish to have water then you are responsible for providing your own water source and standard water hose but we will happily make the connections for you during setup.


  • You and your guests safety is our top concern.  If on the day of your delivery high winds, thunderstorms or other dangerous weather conditions are present you will have the option of rescheduling or cancelling without penalty. However if our bounce houses, water slides or other party rentals have already left our shop for delivery then we cannot provide a refund.

  • We reserve the right to make the final decision to cancel a bounce house, water slide or party rental due to inclement weather defined as: 15-20+ sustained winds and gusts, 80% or higher chance of rain etc… if this is the case we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss other options. If a customer chooses to have a bounce house, water slide or party rental  delivered in uncertain weather conditions, we will not be able to provide a refund for bad weather.

  • You may also cancel within 7 days of your event for any reason without incurring any expense.


  •  All of our bounce houses, water slides and party rentals are constructed from lead free commercial grade matte finish vinyl, with double or quadrupled stitching.  Also an extra layer of vinyl is at stress points. These are commercial grade bounce houses, water slides and party rentals built for professional use. All bounce houses, water slides and party rentals have a landing zone for safely entering and exiting the inflatable and have safety mesh on windows and slide overhangs for additional safety.

  • We clean & inspect all of our bounce houses, water slides and party rentals after each use or on occasion clean them before the next use and pressure wash on a schedule or as needed.  

  • We use nontoxic and biodegradable cleaners and hospital grade sanitizer products. We are fully committed to insuring the safety and fun play of your children and family.


  • Online we accept all credit/debit cards and PayPal through our secure SSL website & processor.  We also accept credit/debit cards, cash and most checks in person or phone.  Please contact us in advance if you are paying by check so we can preauthorize you. 

  • When booking online you can either pay a small deposit or you can optionally pay the full balance.  If you have paid online in full then your all set.  If you have paid only for the deposit online or made another method of payment then the balance you owe will be paid at the time of delivery via your credit/debit card or cash.  If paying by cash please have exact change.  Our delivery team does not carry additional cash for their safety.


  • All of our bounce house, water slides and combo rentals include free delivery, setup and pickup within 15 miles of or shop located in Tallahassee.  We also offer extended delivery up to an additional 15 miles for flat fee of $5 per mile one way.  We can deliver further but you need to contact us to make arrangements before booking.

  • We will work with you after booking to discuss your exact needs for pickup and delivery.  Our pickup and delivery window is generally between 9AM & 7PM but we do often make arrangements to deliver an evening earlier than your day of bounce house, water slide or party rental or pickup the next day after your event, etc, free of charge depending upon our schedule. An example of this would be a two day weekend rental.  If our availability and schedule permits us to we could drop off your bounce house, water slide or party rental on a Thursday evening and pick it up on Sunday evening without you incurring any additional charges. We are here to work for you!  Please contact us if you have any questions.


  • Absolutely!  We are professional insured and licensed company located in Tallahassee, Fl.   

  • We strive to provide the safest equipment and safety procedures possible to insure you, your family and your property are safe from our negligence or our own irresponsibility.  

  • If you need an additionally insured certificate for your event just contact us and let us know.  We generally need 24 to 48 hours to have our insurance company respond.


  • In the case of a real or life threatening emergency immediately contact 911.

  • Call us at 850-524-3217 with any concerns regarding our team members or rental equipment.  

  • Most inflatable bounce house, water slide and party rental failures are caused by an interruption of electrical power.  Should the blower unit quit working  please immediately remove anyone playing in or on the bounce house, water slide or party rental.  Once everyone is safe, check  the circuit breaker to see if it has tripped. If it has tripped then identify other equipment connected to the circuit and move them to another power outlet before resetting the breaker.

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